YouTube Dominator Package

The YouTube Dominator Package!

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ZERO to 100 Million Views!

Everything you need to go from ZERO to a successful YouTube Channel getting 100 Million Views!

The ‘YouTube Dominator’ Online Course

YouTube Dominator - Rick

The course covers everything you need to know to create a highly successful YouTube channel. Unlimited lifetime access to the course. No previous technical experience or knowledge is needed. Includes ALL of my insider tips and tricks for dominating YouTube in your niche.


How to research YouTube channel ideas to make sure there is demand.

Insider knowledge on how the YouTube algorithm works! (Get more views and traffic!)

A step-by-step walk through of the YouTube channel creator studio. (You need to know how this works!)

My top 10 insider tips for success (These are why I have 2 million subscribers and over 140 million views!)

How to keep people coming back to your channel.

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel (Walk-Through & Optimization Essentials.)

My YouTube Equipment.

How To Easily Record Video Content!

How Long Should Your Videos Be?

How To Upload Your Videos!

Creating YouTube Video Thumbnails To IMPROVE Click-Through Rate.

My 5 Steps To Dominate In Your Niche On YouTube.


Lifetime Unlimited Access

Your First YouTube Video Reviewed
Feedback and advice provided on your first YouTube video

YouTube Channel Idea
I will help you come up with a viable idea for a YouTube channel

My YouTube Action Plan
Follow the exact same action plan I have used to get 2 million subscribers!

First, 5 Videos Optimized
I will tell you the title of the first 5 videos and the keywords & tags to include!

YouTube Algorithm Training
I will tell you the INGREDIENTS of the YouTube Algorithm!

My ‘7 STEPS’ To 100M Views Training
Full online training is provided!

My Full List Of Trusted Outsourcers
Use the SAME outsourcers I use on my YouTube channel – including thumbnail designer, video editor, presenter & web developer

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