Online Course Creation

Easily Create Your Own Online Courses And Make Money From Them!

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The online education market is expanding rapidly, as the appeal of being able to learn (at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own home) is growing year on year.

This intensive training covers every element of the online course creation process you will need.

Learn How To Create And Sell Your Own Bespoke Online Training Courses

  • An introduction to online courses including

  • How to take advantage of the rapid rise of online learning

  • Creating a ‘zero-touch’ information business

  • How to identify demand for online training courses

  • Online course creation tools and resources

  • Choosing an online course delivery platform

  • A step-by-step tutorial on how to make your first online course

  • The 7 step planning process to ensure success

  • What to include in your online training course

  • Recording your online courses including videos (what to do / how to do it)

  • Uploading your online course videos and resources

  • Resources to include within your online courses that your customers will love

The Course Also Covers:

  • Adding value to your online training courses by including exams, tests and downloadable resources

  • Turning Private Label Rights products into online courses and/or bonuses

  • Kajabi (explanation + walk-through)

  • Wishlist (explanation + walk-through)

  • Learn upon (explanation + walk-through)

  • Technical information and training for microphones and cameras

  • Online course certification (CLASS MARKER)

This intensive training course covers every element of the online course creation system you will need. Learn how to identify niche markets you can capitalise on, plan and create your own online training course and follow the step-by-step creation process to getting your own training course online fast.

The online ‘education market’ is expanding rapidly as the appeal of being able to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home is growing year on year. Online training courses are a great way for people to learn new skills, keep up to date with current trends and gain easy access to information to advance careers without interfering with their lifestyles.

Online learning has created a ‘speedy learning environment’ and with multimedia being so easy to use these days, as well as mobile internet access, it also means teaching techniques are changing and this course will show you how to take advantage of this growing online trend.

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