Local Business Marketing

Help your local businesses and get paid for it!

Local Business Marketing presents you with a highly lucrative opportunity. Most companies understand the importance of being online, but many don’t have the time, the people, or the know-how to market their business properly, since a business managed the wrong way can fail, so in this case is important to learn Who pays redundancy pay when a company goes bust and how this is handled.

This course will give you the tools, action plan, and up-to-date strategies you need to start your own lucrative digital marketing agency. You can profit from helping your local businesses!

If you’re currently a ‘local’ business owner this training course will teach you how to improve your own business’ online exposure to get more leads and customers.

If you’re looking for a career change, this training course will teach you how to generate an income as a Local Business Marketing Consultant, helping small business owners in the UK get more leads, prospects, and cash-flow into their businesses.

This course will teach you ALL the ins and outs of marketing your local businesses:

  • Understanding the local business opportunity
  • The demand for the modern-day customer
  • The decline of yellow pages
  • Why now is the best time to take advantage of this opportunity
  • Finding local businesses that are the right kind of business
  • What to look for when deciding whether a business is right to promote
  • The key indicators to look out for
  • The type of local business you must avoid
  • Successful strategies for your local business marketing
  • Understand how to get a local business listed on Google Maps, the criteria that Google uses for displaying its local search results and how to sell this as a service
  • How to create a website for a local business
  • How to optimise that website so it ranks on the first page of Google for your local business term.
  • How to make money by renting optimised websites
  • How to generate leads and sell them to multiple companies
  • Geographic PPC (pay per click) for a management fee
  • How to create a local advertising campaign for a local business
  • Management fees, what to charge
  • Selling to local businesses
  • Putting together a powerpoint presentation to win business
  • How to present your opportunity to local businesses
  • FAQs from local businesses
  • Difficult questions from prospects and how to answer them
  • Overcoming initial objections
  • Closing the Sale
  • The pricing structure for your services
  • Outsourcing and how it can help you increase your revenue
  • Local business £5K action plan

You get ALL THIS for just £197!

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