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Learn Why Clubhouse is so Special & Why You Should Get involved!

What is Clubhouse? – Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app allowing casual drop-in talks between people from all over the world.

Those who can get inside will find a variety of topics being discussed in chat rooms, with people from all over hosting talks on subjects like music, film, culture, race, tech, and beauty.

According to its creators, “it’s a place to meet with friends and with new people around the world—to tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn, and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics.”

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What is Clubhouse?

Its the new FOMO (fear of missing out) inducing social media app thats taking over and is not open to the public yet!

Why should you get in NOW?

Imagine if you had a chance to get into Facebook or Instagram before it went public? This is the BIGGER!!

The Clubhouse Course

This clubhouse course will guide you step by step on how to get in NOW and monetise it instantly!

Topics you can discover on Clubhouse

“Gary Henderson grew to over 10,000 followers in less than 2 weeks”

“Rob went from 0 – 15,483 followers in 3 weeks”

“Lauren skyrocketed to 12,310 followers and over £100,000 in just 1 week”

Nick James, Rob Moore, Simon Coulson, Shaa Wasmund, Mat Wilson, Ryan Pinnick, Jon Penberthy are already on here! When will you be joining?

You can be in the same room as some of these big names…

Clubhouse Online Course

“Clubhouse Is The New FOMO-Inducing Social App To Know” – Vogue Magazine

Imagine speaking to Grant Cardone, Paris Hilton and connecting with other huge names to grow your business?

We have created a comprehensive course on this brand new platform with 21 Video Training Modules

135K in a week and on course over £1M in 3 months” Ed Smith

“£100k in just 3 days already!!” – Lauren Tickner

The Drop In Audio Social Media App

The new platform that lets people chat in real time, share stories, collaborate, and bounce ideas off of each other using their voice without the need for a lot of other equipment. Join over 600,000 users before its opened to the public. Currently only on IOS Apple but Android coming soon.

Course Modules

  • Lesson 1 – What is Clubhouse?

  • Lesson 2 – Why is it so special?

  • Lesson 3 – Visual Overview

  • Lesson 4 – What is a Clubhouse speaker?

  • Lesson 5 – What is a Clubhouse moderator?

  • Lesson 6- Who is on Clubhouse?

  • Lesson 7 – How can I get invited?

  • Lesson 8 – Secret Invite Hack

  • Lesson 9 – Live Overview

  • Lesson 10 – Entering a room

  • Lesson 11 – Creating your winning profile

  • Lesson 12 – Hallways, Stages and Clubs

  • Lesson 13 – Etiquette

  • Lesson 14 – Joining as a speaker

  • Lesson 15 – Searching for rooms

  • Lesson 16 – What is the best time of day for joining rooms?

  • Lesson 17 – Asking a question

  • Lesson 18 – Setting preferences

  • Lesson 19 – Joint Ventures with the big guns

  • Lesson 20 – Instagram DM Script

  • Lesson 21 – Clone yourself and your content

  • Lesson 22 – Business, Monetisation & 100k Blueprint

Jump into Clubhouse for just £97!