If you want to start an online business, you need to be able to accept card payments on your website. The process of getting a merchant account can be a time-consuming difficult process, not to mention expensive!

Paypal offers you a trusted and easy-to-use solution.

Let’s face it, almost everyone knows what Paypal is. You’ve probably used it yourself!

This course shows you EXACTLY how to do it!

Learn How to Use Paypal to Accept Payments on Your Website, Set up Subscription Payments, Integrate with 3rd Party Cloud-Based Software, Autoresponders and much more … 


Use PayPal to Set Up a Shopping Cart on Your Website

Having a shopping cart on your site is extremely important. You need to make sure that your customers can buy when they’re ready. People want to buy and pay for the item when they see it. If you make them jump through too many hoops, they’ll go elsewhere.

Use PayPal to Sell Digital Products Quickly And Easily

Everyone knows that digital products are big money-makers. You need to act when the iron is hot. Instant downloads are so important if a customer has an interest in what you have to sell them. No one wants to wait hours or even days for a download link to be sent to them; they want to download the product within moments after paying. Using Paypal will make it happen, and it’ll all be effortless. The customer will have their product, and you’ll get paid for it too.

Use PayPal to Configure Different Payment Options

As a vendor, PayPal offers you a variety of ways to get paid from your customers. You can choose a PayPal button to suit your needs.

BUY NOW button – makes it easy to purchase one or more of a single item. With this Paypal button, you also get inventory tracking and item description options.

ADD TO CART button – allows you to sell multiple items with one payment button.

DONATE button –  allows you to accept donations and contributions on your website.

SUBSCRIBE button – lets you set up recurring charges of the same amount for your products or services.

INSTALMENT PLAN button – gives the customers the option to pay in instalments for up to one year.

AUTOMATIC BILLING – allows you to charge customers for goods or services that change in price monthly.

You can even integrate PayPal with your Webinar Provider, Zapier or your Autoresponder! 

This means with every PayPal sale you can add a new member ‘automatically’ to your autoresponder list.

Paypal Is A Name Everyone Trusts

Everyone at some point has given their credit card information to a payment processor that seemed sketchy at best while hoping nothing happens to their card.! Customers trust PayPal, and they’re familiar with their services. Your customers will trust the PayPal logo and know they’re protected. PayPal is accepted worldwide and everyone who shops online knows who they are.

BUT… there’s a lot to learn when it comes to accepting credit cards on your site using PayPal.


Many people try to figure things out on their own and waste a lot of time, get frustrated and make time-consuming mistakes.

You’re not going to learn it all in a matter of minutes, but this course is designed using over-the-shoulder video tutorials to explain everything in a very easy-to-follow format.

You watch as we do it… and you replicate it. It’s THAT simple!