Why did I start my own business?

By Les Popham


July 10, 2020


Why did I start my own business? I had a REASON.

If you have a reason, please read on. I hope what follows will inspire and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

I’m a family man, and have always seen it as my responsibility to provide for my family. When I say ‘provide’, I mean give each of them a suitable place to live, mortgage free. Where we live, there is no way they could do it themselves, so it was down to me.

When my last oil business consulting contract ended in early 2015, I still had a few boxes to tick, and insufficient capital to take care of all of them.

At a seminar I was invited to in early 2016, I discovered the earning potential of internet marketing, and decided it was the answer to my problem. I set up an online publishing company and began building out my network on LinkedIn.

I suffered a major setback in 2018, when I discovered that the 50-odd products I had rights to were out of date and essentially worthless, but I was determined to stick at it.

I landed a deal with the UK’s largest internet marketing training school, whereby I could sell their products and get paid a handsome commission.

Yes, that’s right, I am an affiliate – and you know what? It’s brilliant!

I don’t have to create my own products, I don’t have to do any fulfilment, yet I can make a substantial income, all without leaving home. I am my own boss, and I am free to do what I need to, whenever it suits me.

Does this sound good to you?

It really is a win-win. The training school provides the products (yes, I have checked them all out to satisfy myself that they have real value for my customers), and they also do the fulfilment. What I bring to the table is people, i.e. potential buyers.

My LinkedIn network is currently over 8,700 first degree connections, which equates to over one million at second level.

Returning briefly to my end goal, I can measure my progress as follows:

Buy a retirement flat for father-in-law, for cash, with no mortgage. Tick. ✔

Buy a house for our younger daughter, again for cash, and no mortgage. Tick. 

Help our older daughter and her husband establish a money-making business (a glamping site) on our land. Tick. ✔

And before too much longer (maybe 12 months) I will tick the final boxes:

1) Buy a new house for my wife and myself, for cash, so we can gift our current house to the aforementioned daughter, so she and her family have a mortgage-free house to live in, adjoining the land where their business is located.

2) Replace my ageing Land Cruiser (she is nearly 20 years old now) with a brand spanking new one! (Note that my personal indulgence comes bottom of the list).

Then it will be job done. All boxes ticked. ✔

If you have come this far, you must have a REASON. Now is the time to act!

We have all the tools you need to make your dream come true. Here’s the link you need:

E-learning courses | Business skills | Regis Publishing

Until next week, my very best wishes to you and yours.


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