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By Les Popham


March 11, 2020

I’m a little late to this particular party, but I’m venturing into the world of blogging!
In the world of internet marketing – especially for home business owners – there are hundreds of
people out there, ready to take your money for their “solution”.
Shiny object syndrome kicks in, and you sign up, pay up, and you get … what?
Believe me, people, I’ve been there. My desktop is littered with icons and shortcuts to the things I
have bought and never used. ‘Seemed like a good idea at the time’ pretty much sums it up.
My mission is to help all those wanting to start a home-based business of their own, or to grow an
existing business that isn’t getting anywhere.
To that end, I have secured the rights to a wide range of online marketing courses, all taught by
experts and all at very affordable prices.
From building a website (take a look at our WordPress course), doing your own market research,
attracting visitors, to leveraging the popular social media channels, we have you covered.
Check us out at

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