Name something that Covid-19 hasn’t affected

By Les Popham


February 13, 2021

Hello everybody, and welcome to this week’s blog post!

As my headline asks, what hasn’t been adversely affected by the pandemic?

The obvious answer is The Internet!

Since face to face meetings are essentially outlawed for now, people are having to find alternatives. Meeting new people online is the preferred choice for many, particularly on LinkedIn.

This is the natural place to make new business contacts. In fact, I see LinkedIn as a worldwide networking event that operates 24/7, and you don’t need to leave home to take part in it!

Another aspect is the internationality, (if there is such a word!) I’m referring to the fact that you can connect with anybody in virtually any part of the world, using the internet.


So if you’re looking to start or grow your own online business,


We have over 40 courses you can benefit from. They are all taught by experts, professionally recorded on video, and delivered digitally, so no physical contact is required.

My website (which is free to browse) has all the details. Simply select the courses that interest you, click the Buy button and you’ll be taken to an opt-in page to enter your details. As soon as your payment clears – usually takes less than 2 minutes – you’ll be sent an email with a unique code to access your products online.

I won’t list them all – they’re all on the website – but we’ve organised them into four categories:

HOME-BASED BUSINESS IDEAS – 13 courses on ways to make money online

LEARN BUSINESS SKILLS – 12 courses on business-building

LEARN DIGITAL MARKETING SKILLS – 7 courses on specific marketing techniques

GET SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING – 9 courses on all the popular SM platforms

And we add a new course every couple of months!


If your movements are currently restricted (or even if they aren’t!), you can take that first step towards financial freedom right now!

Even if you are lucky enough to still be in gainful employment, remotely or otherwise, there has never been a better time to put your best efforts into creating another income stream.

It won’t happen overnight, but if you act NOW it WILL HAPPEN!

We have all the tools you need – from the basics of building a website, through leveraging all the popular social media platforms, to some sophisticated marketing techniques – to start and grow your own home-based business which will provide you and your loved ones whatever else happens.

No boss, no commute, and way more time to spend with family and friends.


Simply visit us at

See you all again next week!


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