How do you feel about the term “side hustle”?

By Les Popham


February 25, 2021

I get the feeling that a lot of people are uncomfortable with it, and I get that. I don’t particularly like it myself.

But the term itself is self-explanatory – it’s a hustle on the side. If you substitute “business” for “hustle”, it’s more acceptable.

Building a separate income stream is in fact an extremely sensible idea.

Big picture, it’s the beginning of a journey that can grow into something bigger, and eventually enable you to tell your boss where he/she can stick his/her job.

I say ‘eventually’, because it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort to build your own home-based business. It has taken me five years to get to where I am now, thanks in part to a major setback I had in mid-2018.

Then I got lucky, and landed a sweet deal with the UK’s leading internet training company. I’ve been working with them for a little over two years now.

They produce training courses in all things related to internet marketing. The courses are all taught by experts, professionally recorded on video, and they are delivered digitally, so no physical contact is required.

My function is to bring people to the table, plain and simple.

My supplier takes care of the order processing, and also does the fulfilment (which means they deliver the product to the customer). So I don’t have to handle any products myself, and neither do I need storage space. I run my business from a laptop in my study. All I need is an internet connection.

(Mainly so I can bill them for the 80% commission I get on my sales!)

I don’t have a boss. I don’t have a commute.

I spend maybe two hours a day on my business, and the bulk of that is in growing my network – via LinkedIn, and via website visitors from the search engines.

You may need a pen and paper, a calculator or a spreadsheet formula for this, but if you work out 9,300 times 500 times 500 …

The 9,300 number is the current size of my LI network at first degree level. It tends to grow by 5 to 10 per day. On average, they all have 500+ connections of their own, and their connections have ..

You get the picture.

I target my invitations on their individual circumstances, shared backgrounds, etc. I’m looking for people who are likely to benefit from working with me.

So what started as a ‘side hustle’ is rapidly growing into a thriving home-based business.

If that kind of business model appeals to you, let’s talk.

I love helping people achieve financial freedom, and my advice is completely free of charge.


Simply visit us at

See you all again next week!


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