Have you missed the boat?

By Les Popham


June 26, 2020

As the Covid-19 restrictions start to be relaxed, you may be thinking that you should have taken more advantage of the extra free time. 

The good news is: No, You haven’t missed the boat.

Even though it might seem like forever, this virus thing is a short term blip which will not change the logic of setting up a home business to create a separate income stream.

What the lockdown measures have done is given people the opportunity to reflect on what their goals really are, and ask themselves if what they are doing is going to get them there.

Even if you expect to go back to work sometime soon, don’t let that stop you. You only need one or two hours a day – use your smartphone on your commute!

One of my earlier blog posts sets out the four key elements of building your own home-based business. You would be doing yourself (and your loved ones) a disservice if you don’t read it. Here’s a link:


Bottom line, you haven’t missed the boat. The boat is sitting at the quay, waiting for you to climb aboard.

You are the boat’s captain, and you can set course towards your goals, no matter how many there are or how distant they may seem at the moment.

The important thing is to make a start. It’s an old but true saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Embrace your goals, visualise the route you need to take, choose the skills you need from our catalogue, and get moving!

All our courses are taught by expert trainers, they are very reasonably priced, and they are delivered digitally, so there is no need for any physical contact in getting what you need.

Until next week, my best wishes to you and yours.


You can find me at https://regispublishing.co.uk




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