Good news for home business owners!

By Les Popham


April 16, 2020


Hi all,

I hope you are bearing up in these difficult times, staying home and staying safe.

Today’s news is that (in the UK at least), we have been given an extra three weeks of lockdown. This is actually a good thing, if you choose to think positively!

It means you have three more weeks to work on a business of your own that you can run from home. All you need is an internet connection, and you obviously do or you wouldn’t be reading this!

Having your own business – which you can set up and run from home in 1-2 hours per day – will give you a lifeline. Once you’re up and running, it will grow quietly in the background, until one day you will be able to ditch the day job. If you still have one, of course.

If you are not using your extra free time to build a separate income stream, you are missing out. I’m getting many inquiries from folks who want help getting started, and I’m pointing them at my website and the products and blog posts on it.

I posted a couple of weeks ago, showing you the essential steps. I won’t repeat it all here; it can be found at:

My company offers training in all things related to internet marketing, all at very reasonable prices. All my online marketing courses are delivered digitally, so there’s no need for physical contact (or waiting for the postman!) in getting what you need.

Coming back to the upsides I mentioned earlier, I sense a nation-wide (if not worldwide) re-awakening to the importance of personal relationships, and indeed, community spirit in general. I can’t help but see this as a good thing.

So if you are one of those perceptive people who can see the potential in the current situation, take a look at my blog. The post I put up there a couple of weeks ago is titled ‘From learning at home to earning from home’. Here’s the link once again:

It describes in some detail what you need to do to start your own home-based business. It’s really not very difficult, but it does take some time and effort.

My very best wishes now and in the future,


You can find me at


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