Funnel Marketing & SEO

By Les Popham


July 3, 2023

My abject apologies for missing last week’s blog post. I simply forgot, what else can I say?

To make amends, I’ll give you a double dose this week!

First up, funnel marketing. As a business owner, you may be familiar with this concept already. Given the training I’ve given you previously regarding attracting traffic to your business website, the next question you may have might be along the lines of “OK, I’ve got the website visitors, now what do I do?”

Funnel marketing is the answer to that.

The business model goes like this – first off, you get your website visitors to engage with you/your brand by starting a conversation. Then you hook them with some interesting content that is usually free, because people like getting stuff for nothing.

This gets them engaged, and they’ll generally reward you by giving you their name and email, and possibly a phone number.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, so I’ll just say that the next step is to offer them a low-ticket item, and then after a suitable time, introduce your core product, which comes with a higher price tag.

There is more – for example, turning them into ambassadors for your brand via referrals, but this course (go to my company website, , hit View Courses,  select Funnel Marketing Mastery) and all will be revealed!

Once you’ve absorbed all that, you’ll want to fine tune your website copy so it gets better results in the search engines, getting you ever more business.

You can outsource this if you like, but why not learn how to do it yourself?

Under View Courses (as above), you’ll find a brilliant course called SEO Masterclass, which will show you exactly the steps you need to take to rank at or near the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages).

To your success!

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