“Climate Change” is real, but not our fault.

By Les Popham


October 30, 2020

Hello again!

This week I’m going to go on a bit of a rant about something I feel strongly about, but nothing to do with my main business of internet marketing training.

(However, if you need help sharpening your IM skills, I’m still here! You can browse my offerings – free of charge – right here on my company website.)

OK, back to the rant.

My focus in this blog post is “Climate change”, or whatever you want to call it.

While I believe the world is gradually waking up to the fact that human activity has very little effect on our climate – and what effect it may have is going to be beneficial rather than harmful – there is still a huge number of ‘alarmists’ who claim that we will soon die out as a species if we don’t curb our CO2 emissions.

I’m no climatology expert, but I do have over 40 years’ experience in the geosciences. I’m good at math(s), and good at critical thinking.

I know, from personal observation of the geologic record, that the Earth’s climate has varied from very warm to very cold – many times – over geologic time, long before Homo Sapiens even appeared, let alone started putting CO2 into the atmosphere.


What do you think?


I’ll try to keep this brief. It is well known that plants (the base of our food chain) thrive optimally at an atmospheric CO2 concentration of 2,000 ppm. In layman’s terms, that’s 0.2%.

One fifth of one per cent. Let that sink in.

Currently, we have just over 400 ppm (0.04%). So where is the problem, and what are certain people panicking about?

My best guess is politicians seeking to gain advantage from fear-mongering, for which there is no real basis.

Our climate is governed primarily by solar activity. Other factors include both atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns, which are also driven by solar activity, plus heat input from the Earth’s interior.

Simple as that.

What we humans produce/emit is irrelevant.

So, big picture, we are all being subjected to the alarmist propaganda that aims to control us in various ways.

When it benefits them, but doesn’t benefit us.

This rant is not to allow me to let off steam; it’s intended to make YOU think seriously about the climate propaganda you are regularly subjected to, do your own research, and form a considered opinion.

See you all again next week!


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